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Congratulations! You have joined the Markets in Crises community of practice. You are now part of an online community of over 2,200 humanitarian practitioners with a diverse range of skills and experiences in market-based approaches to crises around the world. The Markets in Crises discussion forum promotes open sharing, learning, and experiences and does not promote one tool or approach over another. To participate in the forum, use your email address or the username that you chose along with your password to enter this site and browse the library. You will find a rich resource of market assessment reports, training information, and tools including the EMMA Toolkit for download for free!

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• Sharing your field experiences, market analysis reports, or programme case studies • Asking a question for your colleagues or seeking advice/support • Pasting a link to a favorite market assessment tool or a recent article or learning event • Advertising market-related consultancies and job openings

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