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Welcome to the Family Farming Dgroup!

The Family Farming discussion group (Dgroup) is an e-mail group through which people committed to work on Family Farming related issues can interact by sharing information, knowledge and advice.

Members can discuss and share experiences and reflect on how to deal with specific challenges. It is an open platform, with moderated inscription. It brings together people from the public sector (national and local governments, international organizations, etc.), private sector, Academia, Research centers, NGOs, civil society and Farmers ‘organizations with the common goal of identifying opportunities and gaps to promote a shift towards more equal and balanced development.

This community exchanges on the implementation and adaptation of sustainable Family Farming projects, lessons learned, initiatives, programmes, public policies, etc. in support of family farming.

The Community serves to:

  • Foster knowledge and information dissemination for concrete actions and policy making in support of family farming.
  • Share and collaboration among practitioners;
  • Inform on events related to the United Nations Decade of Family Farming;
  • Provide support to deal with shared challenges in family farming related issues;
  • Support collective efforts to influence relevant policy areas;
  • Increase the visibility of family farming.

You can participate in discussions by sending an email to all the members to:

For more information, visit the Family Farming Knowledge Platform (FFKP):

Please note that: - If you would like to receive summarized information on the activity of the Community (as opposed to real-time emails), change your settings through the "My account" menu to get a Digest of emails; - This list is to be considered as a private mailing list: messages should not be sent outside the list; - Participants have to respect the principles of the netiquette. Thank you!

Kind regards, The FFKP Facilitating team