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Welcome to the Global Farmer Field School (FFS) platform D Group!

This Community of Practice, facilitated by a global FFS support team, provides a network for practitioners, civil society organizations, policy decision-makers and private sector working on Field Schools and other participatory approaches to rural empowerment. This community exchanges on the development and adaptation of sustainable FS programmes to enable transformation of agricultural production and food systems towards greater sustainability, resilience and inclusiveness.

The Community of practice serves to: - Facilitate knowledge - sharing and collaboration among practitioners; - provide support to deal with shared challenges in field school programmes; - support collective efforts to influence relevant policy areas; - increase the visibility of field schools and other participatory approaches as well as participatory advisory systems at a global level.

You can participate in discussions by sending an email to all the members to: . Let us know about your background and interest in Farmer Field Schools and tell us what you would like to learn more about.

For more information, visit the FFS Global Platform website:

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The FFS global platform facilitating team