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Forests throughout the world play a key role in supporting people livelihood, natural habitats and economies.

However, they are vulnerable to pest and disease which can affect tree growth and survival, wood quality, as well as impact wildlife habitat, recreation, and cultural values. Further adding to forest stress is the impact of climate change which worsens pest and disease impacts and causes new complications and interactions which are not yet fully understood.

FAO’s forest protection and health programme provides assistance, advice and support to countries and national institutes to help them protect their forest health and vitality, forest ecosystems from pest and diseases. This includes:

• Advice on preventive measures and Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

• Recommended actions to minimize risks of transboundary transfer

• Response to pest outbreaks and emergencies

• Long-term prevention and forest protection strategies.

Objectives of this Forest Invasive Species dgroup are to:

• Bring together all parties interested in forest Invasive species

• Provide a platform to promote discussion & collaboration among experts

• Share information and solutions to combat FIS at local / national / regional scale

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