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Why Join?

Welcome to the international home food production group.

This group will find ways to support and promote home food production which might include, but not limited to, a mixture of home gardening, orchards, small livestock production, apiculture and aquaculture, as well as school, community and "stabilization" gardens. This support is specifically about food production for home use, or non-market, food production and processing, and possible income generation from sales of surplus.

It is important to build and draw on the expertise of people in their communities who are growing and raising food for home use, and to encourage peer-to-peer exchange to strengthen those already practicing and to encourage and assist new home food producers. For example, home food producers can meet regularly to share meals, food production and processing tips, seeds, excess produce, and encouragement.

This international home food production group will assist in sharing practical lessons, materials and methods that work (and haven't worked) aiming to ultimately connect and support the producers themselves.