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Realizing the importance of both the sustainable management of water resources in the region and the sharing of knowledge and experience as an essential tool in development, our aim at MENA Water is to promote sharing of experiences and knowledge of these topics throughout the Middle East and North Africa region and provide a central point for networking for all researchers, experts, practitioners and other stakeholders with an interest in water resources and wastewater management. The ultimate aim is that through creating an enabling environment for open interaction, focused discussion and dialogue, the resulting knowledge exchange will lead to a wider dissemination, scaling up and application of best practices for sustainable water resources management. Therefore, we are particularly honoured to invite you to contribute to this challenge to reach the aim of MENA Water. As a community of practice, MENA Water will seek to identify common issues, objectives, and needs of the participants and build on their experiences to establish a fruitful ground for exchange of experiences, sharing of knowledge, identification of best practices and lessons learned and brainstorming of ideas and opportunities to improve water resources management in the MENA Region. Forum Moderator: Noha Gaber (noha.gaber'at'