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The ubiquity of ICTs, especially the mobile technologies, is noticeably transforming the way individuals, institutions, and nations exchange information and interact among themselves. This offers an immense opportunity for international development agencies to enhance their means to address the global challenge of food security, hunger and poverty.

This platform is intended for ICT innovators and entrepreneurs; individuals and institutions interested in investing in ICT4Ag initiatives; international development organizations looking for ways to integrate ICTs into their activities; and research, policy and decision making bodies who need to understand and keep pace with the development of the sector.

In order to exploit the full potential of the new technologies for agriculture, forum discussions will revolve around (but not limited to) the state of the existing apps, opportunities for developing new ones to fill gaps that exist, capacity building for effective use and scale of the apps, and the provision of enabling environments for the apps to thrive.

Activities within the forum will be complemented through regular face-to-face conferences, workshops, and webinars. Other networking opportunities, new resources, innovations, etc. will be made available through the platform.