This page explains functions available to community leaders. To have access to these functions, you have to be a leader of at least one community.

Member List

To list and manage all community members click on Members tab. Members are listed alphabetically, by their dictionary name (last, first).

To filter a list of members or to find a specific member, type any part of the user’s display name or email address in the filter box in the middle of the feature bar.

Click on member’s name under the picture to show the quick info bubble with member’s information.

Add Members

To add new members to a community, go to Members tab and choose Add a member from the feature bar. Paste any text containing email addresses – either a single email, a copy of the forward list from an email message, or any text: ECS will automatically extract only email addresses and discard the rest of the text.

Edit Member Profile

Click on member’s photo to show the context menu. Choose Edit member profile to show member’s profile dialog and edit it. This is exactly the same dialog as a member sees when clicking on profile menu and choosing Edit profile.

Edit Member’s Email Preferences

Click on member’s photo to show the context menu and choose Edit community preferences to edit member’s emai frequency preference for current community.

This setting only applies to current community. Only a member can change own default email preference.

Removing a Member

To remove a member from a community, find the member in the member list and click on Remove in the context menu. This action requires confirmation before it is carried out. If a member is also present in sub-communities of the current community, the membership in all sub-communities will be terminated as well. The confirmation page will notify you if that is the case.

Resetting Password

Often times members forget passwords, and require help with resetting it due to various reasons – either they are not computer savvy and prefer leader’s help, or somehow miss the reset password link under the login box.

A leader can click on the member’s image to show the context menu and then choose Reset password – this will send a password reset email to the user to the email address set in member’s profile. The email will look the same as if the member clicked on forgot password link and entered a correct email address.

Inviting New Members

To invite one or more members to a community, click on Invite link and enter one or more email addresses into the Email field on the invitation page. Each email should go into a separate line.

Enter the message a member should receive, and then click Invite to send out invitation emails. Every user will get a separate email with your name in the From: field. Other invitees will not be CCd on the message, and will not know who else is invited.

Pending Invitations

A leader can see all invitations pending for a specific community on Members–>Invitations page. Each invitation indicates how many days ago it was sent, to whom, and by whom.

To repeat any of the invitations, choose Resend. You can choose whether to send the invitation on behalf the original sender of the first invitation, or in your own name. You can also edit the original invitation text and invitee’s email.

To cancel an invitation, select Delete from the context menu.

The list shows pending invitations by default. Once an invitation is accepted, rejected, or deleted, it can be found with the content filter in the right column. Conveniently, the filter will also show how many invitations exist in each category.

Expired invitaitons are those that are not accepted after 90 days of sending, and are moved to a separate category not to polute the list of recently pending invitations. To return an expired invitation to currently pending status, re-send it.

Approving Membership Requests

If a user submits an unsolicited membership request, either via Request membership link within ECS, or via registration page accessible through community directory, it is up to community leader to approve the request.

Community leaders will receive an email notification every time a membership request is created. The email notification will contain approve/reject email moderation links, as well as a link to the membership requests page on the community web site.

If you approve the request, the person will immediately become a community member.

If the approved user is a new ECS user, an email will be sent instructing the new user how to set the password. This step is needed to ensure user’s opt-in – the act of setting up the password is an implicit acceptance of ECS policies and opt-in to receiving email from the platform.

Existing users whose request is approved to not have to do anything – as soon as request is accepted, they can access the community and start contributing.

Exporting Member Data

Click on export to download a comma separated values (.csv) file with complete profile data for all members. Each row of this file contains profile data for one member, separated by a comma. The data corresponds to the registration page profile – in other words, everything a member can enter.

You can open this file in a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel, or Apple Numbers.

Promoting or Demoting a Member

On the community home page, click on Edit button after the list of leaders in the right column. Type the name or email of a member you wish to promote and wait for the picker window to appear to the right of the dialog. Once the list appears, click on the desired member in the list, and finally confirm the dialog.

Note that the member needs to be listed in Members tab before you can peform the above promotion. For example, if you want to delegate a newly created community to someone else, you will first have to add the person through Add a member dialog, and only then choose the new leader.

To demote a member, remove the name from the list of leaders and cofirm the dialog.