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A fair, free and sustainable world – that is what Hivos, the Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation, wants to contribute to. Together with local organisations in developing countries, Hivos strives for a world in which all citizens – both men and women – have equal access to resources and opportunities for development.

Hivos is a Dutch development organisation guided by humanist values. Together with local civil society organisations in developing countries, Hivos wants to contribute to a free, fair and sustainable world. A world in which all citizens – both women and men – have equal access to opportunities and resources for development and can participate actively and equally in decision-making processes that determine their lives, their society and their future. Hivos trusts in the creativity and capacity of people. Quality, cooperation and innovation are core values in Hivos’ business philosophy. Hivos is committed to poor and marginalised people in Africa, Asia and Latin America. A lasting improvement in these people’s situation is the ultimate measure for the work and efforts of Hivos. One of the guiding principles of our philosophy is strengthening the social position of women.

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If you have any request concerning Dgroups or Hivos and Dgroups just send an email to hapee at hivos dot nl